Our Beta Program

The Beta

Our Beta program is an apply / invitation only pre-launch to selected companies and users. We want to bring start-ups and companies that deliver start-ups to LeadZen to help young companies and users from the tech ecosystem to our platform.

Our Beta is free more all users. Companies only pay 15 bucks for every new customer that the platform brings. Mature companies that cater to start-ups can choose some paid subscription plan to help them with their unique challenges.

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We launch in 3 stages. We start with a private beta and then continuously open up for a public beta launch and our commercial launch in 2021.

April 2020
Private Beta
September 2020
Public Beta
February 2021

The Beta Explained

LeadZen Beta MVP

LeadZen Private Beta is a restricted Beta Program open for selected candidates to test our platform and help us make things right. It is very important to us to match the right and most promising users with the best and most relevant start-ups. We curate everyone that joins the beta program and have a structured application process

500 Users

You are an expert in your domain and have deep insights about the products you want to discuss and market on LeadZen?

50 Companies

You are a start-up that sells SaaS products to other start-ups? Or you have a product that is just right for people in start-ups and developers? You LeadZen now

5000 Users

Users can invite their network and we continue to add new users as we grow in our company portfolio. We want to let up to 5000 users on LeadZen before our Public Beta Launch.

200 Companies

Only naturally, our users will show us more companies and we will try our best to get all companies on our platform that are viable to our other companies.

How it works


Once you get accepted to LeadZen Beta

As a start-up, you can invite your employees, your angels and investors, you customers and friends to generate leads for you. Every lead costs you 15 bucks. 5 go to the user. 5 to the buyer. 5 to LeadZen to build out our services. (We are bootstrapped)


Getting things moving

As a user, you can start discussing the products, rate and review them and give feedback to the start-ups. You can instantly start referring the product and help the start-up grow. All while building a reputation as expert.


Reviews and Reputation

We provide the coolest way to give feedback to the start-ups. You can give ratings to their products, their sales process, their engineering quality, the culture and brand. And you can actively engage with the start-ups to help them build their company. The more you do and help and sell, the better your reputation.

Other cool features


Peer Groups

You can team up with your friends to go on lead hunting together or to provide joint feedback for the start-ups. By this, all of you can improve your visibility and expert-level on the platform.


Cool Benefits

The companies on our platform will give discounts and t-shirts and other cool material if you belong to the top expert groups in your domain.


Honest Community

LeadZen is all about sincere recommendations and help. The product reviews and the information you get on LeadZen will be best of class and help you understand what is going on way easier.

The Beta Application Process

We want to match the best start-ups with the best evangelists. That means we curate


The sign-up process is simple. Give us your name and valid contact credentials, and you are up and running


In the application process, we ask about your background, the products you use or produce. And what motivates you to join leadzen. And we ask how much you want to contribute to leadzen and the companies on the platform.


In the interview process, we share some more detail about the product and ask you for some feedback. And you can share with us what you expect from a platform like leadzen. This is a two way get to know to understand if we fit together.


Based on the feedback we get, we will set-up the profile section of LeadZen. We likely will have a short video intro from our users and you can tell the world what product categories you know, which products you like. This helps everyone toget to know each other a bit better.